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How to Get Help

for Adobe eBook Products


Important Information:




Adobe Technical Support requires that customers answer all relevant questions from the Diagnostic Information page on this website, before they can receive help.


For technical support with an Adobe eBook purchase you have already made, please send your answers to these Diagnostic questions to:  support@schematherapy.comBe sure to include the name and email address you used when you placed your online order.


To download a Word document containing all of the Adobe eBook diagnostic questions, please click here for the Diagnostic Information webpage.



General Technical Support Policies


We provide Adobe eBook technical support for most problems on Windows and Mac computers, if you are running a compatible version of the operating system, as described elsewhere on this website. We do not provide support for any devices running Windows RT, since they are incompatible with the Adobe eBook format.


Note: Javelin Reader for Windows was discontinued on April 1, 2016. We no longer provide technical support for Javelin Reader products. However, if you purchased a Javelin product for Windows and are having a technical problem within one year from the date of purchase, we will provide a comparable Adobe eBook product at no cost, valid for the remaining time of your 1-year license.


We do not provide technical support for Internet or Networking issues on any computers. These issues most commonly arise in institutional settings.


Tablets:  We do not offer technical support for any tablet or smartphone devices. Instead, we will provide information for Adobe eBooks about tablet installation and troubleshooting in the forms of links to outside resources available on the web.




We do not yet have printed scoring and interpretation instructions for the schema inventories. However, if you would like help from an experienced advisor in using the schema inventories as a clinician or researcher, please contact us by phone or e-mail. We will provide you with the name of an experienced schema therapist you can contact directly. Please be sure to describe the specific type of help you need, so that we can refer you to an appropriate expert.


If the type of clinical or research help you need is simple to answer and can be done relatively quickly, the consultation is free. If your questions are more complex and take significantly longer to answer, our outside schema therapy consultant may ask (in advance) that you pay a reasonable fee for any additional support time. You and your advisor are free to arrange any additional fees for support that are mutually acceptable. (We do not receive any portion of the fees that you may pay an outside consultant for more extensive consultation.)



Contact Information


If you're having problems ordering online; can't install, read, or print the Schema Forms & Inventories; or are experiencing other technical issues, please send an email with your answers to all of the relevant Adobe Diagnostic Questions to:




Call us at:  +1-212-594-9494  x104


You can usually reach us on this Phone Support line directly on Tuesdays & Fridays from 11am until 5pm, New York time.


Please note that we will need some of the same Adobe Diagnostic Information for phone support as we do for email support.


If you need to contact us, we'll reply as quickly as we can, given our very limited staff. It may require up to 7 working days for us to reply by email. For a faster response, please call us during the times stated above.




Refund Policy


1. Our general refund policy, subject to the conditions and exceptions listed in the next paragraph, is:   If your computer and operating system are listed as compatible for the product you purchased on our website, but you cannot read and print all of the inventories and forms (for devices that support printing) -- and if you have followed all of our Installation Instructions carefully -- we will issue a refund to your credit card or PayPal account.


2. Conditions and exceptions to our general refund policy above:


  • Before we can issue a refund for an Adobe product, you must send us an email with answers to all relevant questions on the Diagnostic Information page;

  • If the publisher needs additional diagnostic information to troubleshoot your problem, you agree to provide it upon request;

  • If we offer solutions that we believe will correct your problem, or alternative products at no additional cost to you, you agree to try them before we issue a refund;

  • If your problem is caused by internet or network restrictions imposed by your institution or Internet Provider, we cannot issue any refunds, since this is not caused by any defect in the item you purchased.

  • If you are requesting a refund on the basis that you cannot install the Inventories because it is too difficult for you, or because the process is too time-consuming, we will not issue a refund of any kind. As stated in our licensing agreement, intermediate-level computer experience (or higher) is required to install Adobe eBook products. You agreed to read all of the installation requirements and other information on our website when you accepted the licensing terms, just before purchasing the inventories. We cannot be held responsible for your failure to follow the instructions carefully; insufficient computer experience; or your busy schedule. If you are having difficulty, we strongly encourage you to find a more experienced friend or colleague to help you with the computer installation.

  • We cannot guarantee the print size or quality you will achieve, because these are dependent on the particular printer you use. We recommend that you use a high-quality printer with a resolution of at least 600dpi.

  • We do not mail "hard", paper copies of our inventories under any circumstances, because of the staff time required for copying and handling.

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