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Adobe Schema eBooks:
Overview & Benefits


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Overview of Adobe Schema eBooks




Our Schema Inventories are now available in a premium eBook format developed by Adobe. Technical terms used for this format are "DRM-Protected PDF eBooks" or "Secure PDF eBooks". (Our eBook does not use the EPUB format.) These PDF eBooks contain the identical Schema Inventories and Forms that are offered through our standard Javelin Reader file; however, they have been secured with sophisticated Adobe DRM protection in eBook form.


On Windows and Mac computers, the Adobe PDF eBook format has been optimized for viewing and printing with software called "Adobe Digital Editions". (We will often refer to this as ADE on our website.) You can download a free version of the ADE app that is compatible with most Windows and Mac computers.


The Adobe eBook format with DRM protection is the "gold standard" for secure eBook and PDF publishing. It is used by most libraries and universities throughout the world, and by most major academic publishers, for distributing textbooks and journal articles in digital form. Google has recently adopted the technology for many of the books offered online. The reason it has been so widely adopted is because the Adobe technology is highly reliable for both eBooks and PDF material, and is almost universally supported across all major "platforms" (devices), as mentioned above.



Benefits of Adobe Schema eBooks


The Adobe eBook format has a number of advantages, compared to other secure PDF formats:


1. The Adobe eBook format is compatible with a wider range of computers and tablet devices, and with many more eBook apps on tablets. Thus, you are not limited to using one proprietary eReader on iPad and Android tablets, as you are with some secure eBook formats.


2. Because Adobe developed the PDF format that our eBooks are based on, Adobe eBooks more faithfully render the Schema Inventories than most secure file formats used by other publishers, in terms of both viewing and printing.


3. Adobe is a much larger company than other software developers offering secure PDF readers, and therefore has the resources to update and improve software much more frequently when incompatibilities or bugs occur; when there are new versions of the major operating systems (such as Windows, Mac OS X, Android, and iOS); and when new printing technologies are adopted (such as "wifi printing" and universal "CUPS" printer drivers).


4. The Adobe PDF eBook with DRM is the only format we support and recommend, because of its high reliability and compatibility.


5. The Adobe PDF eBook with DRM format is widely used in libraries and universities around the world. Therefore compatible Adobe eBook readers like Adobe Digital Editions can be more easily implemented in most institutional settings. (For example, many hospitals, universities, and agencies have "high security" network and internet firewalls that prevent other eReader apps from "reaching" the publisher's website and servers that are needed to authorize secure eBook files.)


6. The 'DRM" security features of Adobe eBook software is much more sophisticated, and therefore less likely to interfere with the viewing and printing of our inventories.


There are many other special features available with the Adobe software. To read more about Adobe Digital Editions, please click here for the official Adobe website.





To view sample Adobe eBook licensing agreements, please click here.




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