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iPad & Android Tablet Installation

for Adobe Schema eBooks



Please click here for Compatibility Information regarding Adobe Schema eBooks (which use the Adobe PDF with DRM format).


We do not offer technical support for tablets, but provide self-help instructions.


If you purchased the Adobe eBook for 6 - Print from 2, be sure to FIRST install each of your 2 eBook file links on one of the 2 computers that you want to print from -- before you install any eBooks on your iPad or Android tablet.


If you purchased the Adobe eBook for 2 - Print 2 :


A. You will receive two different eBook file links (although they contain the identical schema materials). Each one is valid for 1 device (a Windows or Mac computer, an iPad, a compatible Android tablet or smartphone, an iPhone, or a compatible specialized eReader).


B. We recommend that you install the first file link on your main Windows or Mac Computer, so that you will be able to print the inventories. Follow the installation instructions on this website for your Windows computer or for your Mac.


As explained in the instructions, you will have to create a free Adobe ID in order to install Adobe Digital Editions on your computer. Be sure that you have authorized Adobe Digital Editions with your Adobe ID on your Windows or Mac computer, before opening your eBook file or link.)


C. If you'd like to install your 2nd eBook on another Windows or Mac computer, instead of a tablet, follow the same instructions in b. above, but be sure to use your 2nd eBook file link instead of trying to reuse your first link. If you'd like to install the 2nd eBook link on a tablet or compatible smartphone, please follow the instructions below.


How to Install an Adobe Schema eBook on a Compatible Tablet or Smartphone


1. Go to the App Store on your iPad or iPhone -- or to the Google Play Store on your Android. Search for the free Adobe Digital Editions app, also listed as Digital Editions. (See 5. below if you are interested in using a different app.)

2. Once you find the page in the app store or play store that allows you to download Adobe Digital Editions, follow the standard procedure to install the Adobe Digital Editions app (ADE) on your tablet (or compatible smartphone). An icon for Digital Editions will appear on your tablet screen, along with the other apps you have installed. Tap on the ADE icon to open the app.


3. After opening Digital Editions, you will now need to authorize the app with your Adobe ID. (You can use the same Adobe ID you used on your desktop computer, or a different one.)


a. To authorize the ADE app for DRM eBooks, such as our Schema eBook, go to the Settings or Info page or tab within the app.


b. In the Accounts section, tap on the Authorize link. Then type your Adobe ID email address and password in the correct boxes.  Tap "Authorize".  After a few seconds, you should see a message that ADE has been authorized successfully on your device. (You will no longer see blank boxes to enter your Adobe ID information.) Then click Done at the top right of the screen.

c. All active Adobe eBooks that you had already installed on any other devices using ADE will sync automatically, and will appear in the Library section of the app. (Note that this does not apply to our Schema eBooks, unless you purchased the Schema eBook for 6.)


4. You are now ready for the final step: installing your Adobe Schema eBook on your tablet so that it will open in Digital Editions.


a. Locate the Confirmation email we sent you immediately after you placed your order.


b. Open the Confirmation email on your tablet, in the main email app. (You may have to forward the email to the email address you have setup on your tablet.)


c. At the bottom of our email, you will see one or two personal eBook file links. (Schema eBook links begin with


d. Tap on the file link that you have not used yet -- or on the same link if there is only one. (If you purchased the Adobe eBook for 1, the file link cannot be used on a tablet or smartphone.) Be sure that the link is active: it should be underlined or in a different color from the rest of the email. If the link is not active, you can usually cut and paste it from your tablet email app into the address bar of your main tablet browser.

e. A webpage should open from EditionGuard with the words: “You're now downloading”, followed by the name of the eBook product you purchased. Below this, tap on the tab For Mobile Devices.

f. Scroll down to instruction 3. Download on this EditionGuard webpage.

g. Tap on the sentence Click here to start downloading your .acsm file.

h. A new page will open with the title of your eBook. Tap on the link: Open in "Digital Editions"


i. Your Schema eBook should now transfer and open automatically in the Digital Editions app. If it does, your installation was successful! You should now be able to view all of the pages in your Schema eBook. (Unfortunately, it is not possible to change the size of the text on your screen. You also cannot print pages from an Adobe eBook using a tablet or smartphone app.)

5. Optional: Although we recommend the Adobe Digital Editions app, some customers prefer to install our Adobe eBook on tablets and smartphones using a different, free compatible eReader app: Bluefire Reader.


For download links and additional information, go the Bluefire Reader website. (However, if you purchased the Adobe Ebook for 6, we strongly recommend that you use the Adobe Digital Editions app, since it will automatically sync the Schema eBook from your Windows or Mac computer to your tablet or smartphone.)

You can compare both free apps -- ADE and Bluefire -- to see which one you prefer. Both are available on the App Store and Google Play Store. If you prefer Bluefire, follow the same instructions below to transfer your Schema eBook to the Bluefire Reader app instead of Adobe Digital Editions.


WARNING: you cannot install our eBook link on both apps using the same tablet or phone; so be sure to use some other PDF eBook to compare them. You can find sample PDF eBooks to download on the Adobe website. Once you open the page below in your browser, be sure to choose one of the sample eBooks with the words PDF eBook in the description, such as Daisy Miller:


6. If you have trouble installing the Adobe Schema eBook in your app, and you see an error message, try typing the words Adobe Digital Editions, followed by the exact error message, into Google; then search for it. You will almost always find a few results that discuss possible solutions to your Adobe Digital Editions error code.

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