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Javelin Reader Information

We have discontinued all sales of Javelin Reader products, effective April 1, 2016.


All of our Schema Inventories and other schema materials are now available only in the Adobe Schema eBook format. Click here to view our Adobe Schema eBook products, and to place an order.


If you are a former Javelin customer and your Javelin license has expired, please contact us for renewal offers on our Adobe


Please read the information below to understand why we made this decision, including the advantages of Adobe Schema eBook products. We also discuss how we plan to accommodate Javelin customers who need technical support and who still have a valid Javelin license. (All Javelin licenses expire 1 year from the date of purchase.)

















For most users, we recommend Adobe eBook products instead of the Javelin Reader options, for the reasons outlined below. Advantages to the Adobe products include: the variety of eReader software apps available to view the inventories; compatibility with a wider range of computers and tablets; the sophistication and updating of the eReader software (including the speed with which "software" bugs are corrected, and support for new versions of Windows, Apple and Android operating systems); compatibility with both Mac and Windows computers; compatibility with most institutional networks and hardware; and the wide use of Adobe eReader products throughout the world (especially in settings like universities).



Adobe Schema eBooks


Adobe eBook software is fully compatible with most Windows computers running Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 (but not Windows RT); and with most Mac computers running OS X 10.6 and higher. There are also excellent apps that are compatible with the secure Adobe eBook format for all iPads, most Android tablets, many smartphones, and some specialized eReaders.


The Adobe eBook format with DRM protection is the "gold standard" for secure eBook and PDF publishing. It is used by most libraries and universities throughout the world, and by most major academic publishers, for distributing textbooks and journal articles in digital form. Google has recently adopted the technology for many of the books offered online. The reason it has been so widely adopted is because the Adobe technology is highly reliable for both eBooks and PDF material, and is almost universally supported across all major "platforms" (devices), as mentioned above.


The Adobe Schema eBook version of our inventories is slightly more expensive than the Javelin Reader options, because of the higher licensing fees we have to pay for the more stable and sophisticated technology.


The Adobe eBook format has a number of advantages, compared to Javelin Reader and other secure PDF formats. To read more about these advantages, please click here to go to the Adobe Schema eBooks information page.


There are many other special features available with the Adobe software. To read more about Adobe Digital Editions, please click here for the official Adobe website.




Technical Support


We provide technical support for most problems on the following computers, when you are running a compatible version of the operating system. (However, we do not provide technical support for Internet or Networking issues in institutional settings.)


  • Javelin Reader for Windows


  • Adobe eBooks for Windows and Mac


Tablets:  Javelin Reader and Adobe eBooks are compatible with specific apps available for most iPad and Android tablets. However, it is not feasible for us to try out the Javelin or Adobe versions of our inventories on all of the tablets and apps available. Therefore, we cannot offer technical support for any tablet devices, including iPads and Android tablets, for either Javelin Reader or Adobe eBooks. Instead, we will provide information about tablet installation and troubleshooting in the forms of links to outside resources available on the web.

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