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Mac Installation Instructions

for Adobe Schema eBooks




Please click here for Compatibility Information regarding Adobe Schema eBooks.


If you purchased the "eBook for 6 - Print from 2", be sure to FIRST install BOTH of the eBook file links on the 2 computers that you want to print from, before you install the links on any  tablets or other devices.


Click here for help installing Adobe eBooks on an iPad or Android tablet .




The Secure PDF (or DRM-Protected) eBook format from Adobe that we use is compatible with Mac computers running OS X 10.6 and higher.


While there are several apps for Mac that can read Schema eBooks, we only provide support for the Adobe Digital Editions" eReader (ADE). Digital Editions is available as a free download in different editions, depending on which version of OS X your Mac is running. You can read more about Adobe Digital Editions on the Adobe website.




Compatibility with Adobe Digital Editions


We highly recommend that you download and install the latest version of Adobe Digital Editions for Mac (ADE), Version 4.5.X, if you are running OS X 10.8 or higher


If you are running OS X 10.7, you should download Version 3.0 of ADE. For OS X 10.6, please download Version 2.01 of ADE.


All 3 versions of ADE can be downloaded from our "Confirmation and Download" page that opens immediately after you complete your Adobe purchase online. (You can also access the Download page later from your Confirmation email; just click on the View Purchase Online link in the email. See the instructions below.)






If you have difficulties installing ADE on your Mac using the instructions in the next section, click on any of the links below for more detailed tutorials, with photos to guide you. (The instructions for ADE v2, ADE v3, and ADE v4.5.X are almost the same.)



Adobe eBook Installation Instructions

for Compatible Mac Computers


This section contains complete instructions on how to install the ADE Reader on your Mac, authorize it, and then view and print your Schema eBook.


To download the instructions below as a Word document, please scroll to the bottom of this page and click on the Word icon.


Please follow all of the steps below carefully, in the exact order listed. Do NOT skip any steps!


1.  a. Open the purchase confirmation email you received from us on your computer. Click on the link "View Purchase Online". The Confirmation & Download webpage will open in your browser.


      b. Click on the blue Download button next to the version of ADE you want to install. You can choose from:


  • "Adobe Digital Editions 4.5.X" for OS X 10.8 and higher;     


  • "Adobe Digital Editions 3.0" for OS X 10.7;     OR


  • "Adobe Digital Editions 2.0.1" for OS X 10.6


As mentioned above, we strongly recommend the 4.5.X version of ADE if you are running OS X 10.8 or higher.


If you lost your original confirmation email, you can also download any of the 3 versions of ADE for Mac from the Adobe website instead, using one of the 2 links below:


2.  Locate the installer file you just downloaded on your Mac:  ADE_4.5_Installer.dmg, ADE_3.0_Installer.dmg, OR ADE_2.0_Installer.dmg. You can usually find the file in your Downloads folder in Finder or from your Dock -- or in the Downloads tab of your browser. 


3.  Double-click on the .dmg file. (This will mount the disk image.) 


4.  Open (launch) the Digital Editions Installer, using one of these two methods: double-click on the Installer icon; OR control-click on the Installer icon, then click Open.


5. Once the Installer launches, click Continue to proceed with the installation. Follow the instructions to complete the installation. Click Done to exit the setup wizard.


For detailed help installing Adobe Digital Editions, click here for a tutorial with photos:


6. Once the installation is complete, Adobe Digital Editions should launch automatically. (You can also open Adobe Digital Editions from your Applications folder.) 


7.     a. You will now need to complete a free, one-time registration for an Adobe ID, in order to authorize ADE on your Mac. (If you already have an Adobe ID, skip to Step 10. Be sure to use your existing Adobe ID, if you have one, instead of registering for a new one.)


b. The first time ADE opens, a special Computer Authorization dialogue box may open automatically. If this box to authorize your computer is open, go to Step 8.


If not, click on the Help menu near the top of ADE. Then click on "Authorize Computer...". The Computer Authorization dialog box will now open.


8.  Near the middle of the "Computer Authorization" dialogue box, next to the words "Adobe ID", you will see "Create an Adobe ID" in blue. Click on this link. This will bring you to the Adobe website where you will be able to sign up for an Adobe ID.


9. On the Sign Up page, fill in all of the information required to register, including your email address and password. Then click "Sign Up".


10. Once you have completed the Adobe ID registration process, return to the "Computer Authorization" dialogue box in ADE. Follow the instructions below to authorize your computer:


a. In the field labeled “eBook Vendor”, be sure that “Adobe ID” is already selected.


b. Enter your Adobe ID and Password in the next two boxes (from Step 9 above).


c. Click Authorize. Your computer is now authorized with your Adobe ID. (You will not have to authorize this computer again to view eBooks in ADE.)


If you have difficulties signing up for an Adobe ID or authorizing your computer in ADE, click on the link below for detailed instructions, with photos to guide you.


11. Return to the confirmation email you received from us and open it on your computer. Locate your Personal File Link for the eBook in the email, then click on it. (You can also copy and paste the link into the address bar of your browser, as long as you are copying the link on the same computer as your email program. Then hit the Enter key.)


Each Personal File Link begins with either:  OR (The file link also contains your Schema eBook product name, followed by your 10-digit Transaction ID.)


12.  A webpage should open from EditionGuard with the words: “You're now downloading”, followed by the name of the eBook product you purchased. Below this, the tab For PC or Mac Computers should be highlighted in red.


 a. Skip to instruction 3. Download on this EditionGuard webpage.


 b. Click on the sentence Click here to start downloading your .acsm file, highlighted in red.


13. After clicking, ONE of the following should happen (depending on your default browser and system configuration):


a.  A window may open, offering you the option of opening the ***.acsm file in ADE, or saving the file. If you see this window, select the Open option, then click “OK, instead of saving the file. Then you should see a new window open, showing the eBook being transferred to ADE. Skip to Step 15.




b.  Locate the file named ***.acsm on your Mac or in your browser, then click on it. (You can usually find the file in your Downloads folder in Finder or from your Dock -- or in the Download bar or menu of your browser.)


You should now see a new window open, showing the eBook being transferred to ADE. Continue to Step 14.


14.  You should now see the contents of the eBook open in ADE so that you can read all of the pages. Use the scrollbar to view the pages contained in the eBook. You can also zoom in and out by clicking on the icon called “Change Page View” , near the upper right corner of ADE. (The setting Actual Size 1:1 is often the best for reading the Schema eBook.)


15.  To print from your eBook, click on the File menu, then click PrintType the page numbers you want to print in the “Page Range” box, then click the Print button.  The pages you selected should now print correctly.


Depending on your printer, you may find that the printed version looks slightly different from the on-screen view; for example, the margins may be different, or the font sizes may change. These can sometimes be adjusted by finding the printer properties page for your printer, and changing the scaling percentage.


16. Your installation has now completed successfully. For additional help using Adobe Digital Editions, you will probably find an eBook that was automatically installed in ADE called "Getting Started with Adobe Dgitial Editions."


17. You can only install each eBook link on one computer or tablet (unless you purchased an "Adobe Schema eBook for 6" product).


18. If you have any problems installing, viewing, or printing your Schema eBook, please read the Troubleshooting FAQ here first. 


19. Please feel free to email or phone us for help, if have additional problems or questions. Follow the instructions for obtaining technical help in the Support and Contact section of this website.




Download eBook Installation Instructions for Mac Computers


Click on the Word icon below to download detailed instructions (in Microsoft Word format) for installing the Schema eBook on a Mac or Windows computer:



























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