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Troubleshooting FAQ & Technical Solutions

for Adobe eBooks and Adobe Digital Editions



Click here for help installing Adobe DRM PDF eBooks on an iPad or Android tablet .



We have prepared a special Word document containing a complete set of instructions that will  solve many problems with activating, opening, or printing Adobe eBooks. To download detailed instructions, please click on the link below:














For more than half of the problems and errors messages you may encounter, these 3 solutions are the most likely to resolve your problem.


Solution A. De-authorize Adobe Digital Editions.

  • Open Adobe Digital Editions.

  • Press Command+Shift+D to de-authorize Adobe Digital Editions.

  • Select Erase Authorization.

  • Click OK, then close Adobe Digital Editions.

  • Open Adobe Digital Editions. Then follow the original instructions carefully on our website to authorize ADE again using the Adobe ID you signed up for on the Adobe website.


           Now follow the instructions below to transfer your eBook into ADE:


  • Click on the Adobe eBook "Personal File link" from your original email.


  • Locate the new .acsm file. (You will usually find it in your Downloads folder; or in the Downloads list inside your browser.


  • You should now see your new eBook cover or listing in the ADE library section. Click on the eBook cover, and it should open in the reading section of ADE. You should now be able to read and print your eBook.


  • (Optional) With your eBook open in ADE, click on the  “File” menu, then select “Item Info…”.  Verify the Permissions setting to be sure that your Adobe ID email address appears under  “Licensed to:


Solution B. If the steps in A above fail to solve your problem: de-authorize and uninstall ADE; then re-install ADE from the beginning with a NEW Adobe ID:


  • First, follow the exact same steps described above to de-authorize and erase your current authorization in ADE.


  • Uninstall Adobe Digital Editions using the usual procedure for your Operating System.


  • Follow all of the steps in the original instructions on our website to re-install ADE.


  • Sign up for a NEW Adobe ID, and authorize ADE with the ID; then


  • Follow the same steps outlined above to transfer your new .acsm file to your new installation of ADE; click on your eBook in ADE to open it; then read and print the Schema Inventories.


Below are links to 2 tutorials with photos that describe in detail how to de-authorize and re-authorize ADE:


To de-authorize ADE:


To authorize ADE: 

              (Scroll down to the section called “Authorize your computer with an Adobe ID”)


Solution C.  Type your exact error code into Google Search. You will almost always find a few results that discuss solutions  that have worked for your Adobe error code. (Most Google search results are from the Adobe Community Forum for ADE.)




Below are other FAQ's from Adobe that may also help solve your problem:


1. I have downloaded an eBook that doesn’t open. How do I open and read the



If you have received an .acsm file that doesn’t open up automatically, it means that Adobe Digital Editions is not already installed on your system, or that there is a problem with the Authorization of ADE.


In this case, save the file received and download Adobe Digital Editions. Once the download is complete, open the .acsm file. It would automatically get opened in Digital Editions.


2. Error Code #2083: License Error (Server Communication problem: E_ADEPT_IO)


This is a generic error caused by your firewall blocking the port and not allowing Adobe Digital Editions to download. If you receive this error message while trying open an e-book with Adobe Digital Editions, check your firewall settings to make sure the standard port 80 is open.


3. I’m not able to access my eBook on Digital Editions installed on other computers and tablets. What could be the reason behind it?


Each personal file link you purchased is valid for just one device. You will need to use another link to install the eBook on each computer or device.


4. Why can’t I copy my ebook from Digital Editions?


Schema eBooks are protected, and do not allow copying an eBook. 

Go to Reading->Item Info to find out the access restrictions that have been applied to your Schema eBook. 


5. After downloading my ebook, I found the .acsm file but it doesn’t open with Adobe

Digital Editions. What should I do?


This problem is usually the result of your computer not having associated the file type .acsm with Adobe Digital Editions. This can happen if:

1) You downloaded your eBook first, and then installed Adobe Digital Editions.

2) ADE did not install properly


To rectify the problem, open the 'urllink.acsm' file as follows…


1. Once you have installed Adobe Digital Editions, right-click the urllink.acsm file.

2. Select 'Open With', and choose 'Adobe Digital Editions'.

3. Click 'OK'. Adobe Digital Editions opens and downloads the eBook.




If you installed Adobe Digital Editions before downloading the ebook, then you may need to adjust your computer's file associations so that the Adobe software opens the ACSM file type.


For Windows Vista and higher:


1. Go to Start > Control Panel > Default Programs > Associate a file type or protocol with a program. The 'Associate a file type or protocol with a program' dialog box is displayed.


2. Under the 'Extensions' heading, select '.acsm' and click the 'Change program...' button. The 'Open With' dialog box is displayed.


3. Click the 'Browse...' button. A second 'Open With' dialog box is displayed.


4. To open eBooks with Adobe Digital Editions…


1. Browse to 'C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Digital Editions and select 'digitaleditions.exe'


2. Click 'Open' to associate ACSM files with Adobe Digital Editions.


5. Double-click the 'urllink.acsm' file you downloaded. Adobe Digital Editions opens and downloads the eBook.


For Mac OS X:


1. 'Control-click' the 'urllink.acsm' file and select 'Get Info'. The 'urllink.acsm Info' window is displayed.


2. Expand the 'Open with:' section and click the 'Other...' drop-down.


3. In the list of programs displayed, select Adobe Digital Editions.


4. Check the 'Always Open With' checkbox to set the Adobe software to always open ACSM files.


5. Click the 'Add' button. The 'urllink.acsm Info' window is displayed.


6. Close the 'urllink.acsm Info' window.


If all of the above steps fail, go to Question 1 and follow the steps to de-authorize, uninstall, and/or reinstall Adobe Digital Editions.


6. Activation Error - E_AUTH_DATABASE_CONSISTENCY Adobe


This error is usually caused by an error in Adobe’s database. If you get this error, your existing AdobeID will probably not work anymore, and you will have to create a new AdobeID. 


Contact our Onlne Support staff by email or phone for detailed directions on how to resolve this problem.


7. The requested e-book title was not found.


Contact Online Support. There may be a newer version of your eBook available, or your personal link have been corrupted.


8. Error: Server Timeout or Download Reset


This is most often caused by a problem with your Internet connection or browser. Please contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or check your browser to make sure it is working properly.


If this is not the cause, the company that provides Adobe DRM protection for us may be having difficulties, or there servers may be temporarily busy. if the problem continues after an hour or two, please contact Online Support.




Create a new Adobe account online.


10. Error encountered while activating Adobe Digital Editions or viewing your eBook:



This error is caused by some combination of the following three system settings:


1. Incorrect clock time.

2. Incorrect date.

3. Incorrect time zone.


When you download a PDF or an eBook, the Adobe activation server records timestamp

information. This information is stored inside the eBook. When you attempt to open the book, this information is compared to your current system information. If your system has an incorrect time/date/time zone, then the activation server disallows the request and you cannot read the



Carefully check your computer's system time, date, and time zone to be certain they match the time/date/zone recorded when you activated your eBook.


11. Error received when trying to activate your eBook using Adobe Acrobat or Reader: “Activation of this Adobe software is not supported".


Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader cannot read or activate Schema eBooks. You must use Digital Editions (or a compatible eBook reader) to solve this issue.


12. I am having trouble printing my eBook on my Mac using ADE with my HP (or other brand of) printer.


There have been dramatic changes in the most recent versions of OS X that have led to countless Mac users complaining about many kinds of printing problems after recent OS X updates. These problems result from a complete overhaul in the printer driver approach that Apple has taken. Many manufacturers (and especially HP) have not been able to update all of their printer drivers quickly enough. To add to the confuson, the symptoms of these printer driver problems involve inconsistent print problems (some files print perfectly, some won't print at all, some print blank pages, some print half pages, etc.)


Apple and Adobe both strongly recommend that users with PDF-based printing problems download the most recent software updates for their printer drivers. These are usually available from the printer manufacturer or from Apple. They also recommend uninstalling your current printer drivers and reinstalling the new ones from scratch. You may find other helpful suggestions by following the links below:



You can download printer drivers for Mac OS X here:





Other useful webpages discussing possible solutions

(Please copy and paste the links into your browser.)





Download eBook Installation Instructions for Windows and Mac


Click on the Word icon below to download detailed instructions (in Microsoft Word format) for installing the Schema eBook on a Windows or Mac computer:



















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