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"Simple Install Javelin for 1 Windows Computer":

5-Month Printing Extension Order Page 


This page is a draft version and is still being revised.

However, the "Add to Cart" button at the bottom functions properly.


Many users who purchased the Schema Therapy Inventories for Javelin Reader in the past have used up their total printing allotment of 250 pages on one of their Windows computers prior to the expiration date of their 1-year license. They have asked us if they can  extend their printing allotment on one Windows computer for a few months until their 1-year license expires.


In response to these requests, it is now possible to purchase a special 5-month extension of Javelin for Windows, if your printing allotment has expired. You must meet the conditions below to qualify for purchasing this product at a discount.  (This offer does not apply to the Adobe eBook versions of our inventories yet.) This special version is called "Simple Install Javelin for 1 Windows Computer: 5-Month Printing Extension".


Here are the conditions and instructions for ordering the printing extension:


1. You must already have purchased the full set of "Schema Therapy Inventories" using Javelin Reader on this website in the past, within 10 months of the date you contacted us requesting a printing extension. If it has been more than 10 months since your original purchase date, you should purchase a new license from our website.  (Customers are only permitted to order this special extension once at a discount.)


2. We do not offer this extension for use on a different Windows computer or on a tablet device. It can only be installed on Windows computers with Javelin Reader that have exceeded the printing allotment.


3.  We no longer sell any Javelin products for use on Mac Computers. Therefore, you cannot extend your allotment on a Mac computer.


4.  This Simple Install extension is probably different from the product you originally purchased as part of the standard Javelin order. When you purchased the standard version of Javelin, your authorization code was valid for two computers or tablets. This version can be installed on only one Windows computer, and uses a "Simple Install" installation method. The extension is valid for 150 days from the date you authorize it, and you are permitted to print a total of 150 pages from the new file.


5. The $45 price below is not intended to be the actual price. Your price will be significantly lower (either $25 or $35), depending on when you originally purchased your current Javelin product. To obtain a discount code for the 5-month extension, you must contact us first, before ordering.


6. After placing your online order below,  the Confirmation and Download page for your Javelin extension will open on your computer. This page contains a link to download the special setup file for the Simple Install extension, along with a new authorization code.  (You will also  receive an email from us within a few minutes with a link to the Download page, and a copy of your new authorization code.)


7. On the Download page, you will see complete instructions for installing the 5-month extension for Javelin.

    Although you do not have to uninstall any programs or files, you will no longer be using the Javelin Reader software already on your computer, or your current DRMZ file. The Simple Install product is a completely separate, self-contained package. Once you download the setup file and complete the setup wizard, a new copy of Javelin Reader will be installed, and a new schema file will open automatically.


8.  By ordering this 5-month extension for Windows, you are agreeing to terms and restrictions that are similar to those that applied to your original purchase. The latest terms will appear on your screen before you place your order. 

     The new schema file and authorization code are valid for 150 days from the date you activate the file in Javelin for Windows. Within this 150 day period, you are permitted to print a combined total of 150 pages from the new file using the new code -- not 150 copies of each page in the file.

     Customers are permitted to make photocopies of the pages they print for their own personal or professional use (including work with patients, research, etc.). We recommend that you print out a “master copy” with one set of the Schema Inventories that you can set aside for making photocopies when needed.


9. If you have read all of the terms above, received a discount coupon code from us, and would like to purchase this special 5-month Javelin extension for Windows, please click on the orange "Add To Cart" button below. A new page will open, asking you to accept our licensing terms; then our shopping cart will open. Enter your discount coupon code carefully, then complete your order.


10. Please use the same customer name that appeared on your original order. BE SURE THAT THE DISCOUNT CODE WAS CORRECTLY APPLIED, AND THE TOTAL AMOUNT TO BE CHARGED IN YOUR SHOPPING CART IS CORRECT, BEFORE SUBMITTING YOUR ONLINE ORDER. We cannot offer any refund because you failed to verify the final amount before it was charged.



Purchase "5-Month Printing Extension:

Simple Install Javelin for 1 Windows Computer"






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