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How to Download & Open Your Schema File

in Javelin Reader for Windows & Tablets

Part 2

Now that you have successfully downloaded and installed Javelin Reader on your device, please follow the instructions below for downloading the DRMZ file that you purchased from us containing the Schema Inventories, and for opening the file in Javelin Reader using your authorization code.




All of the schema inventories and forms you ordered are contained in the file you purchased from us named “ Schema Therapy Forms 2014.drmz ”.


A DRMZ file is a form of PDF file that has been encoded with several security features to prevent the documents inside from being shared with others who may not be qualified to use the inventories, or who have not purchased a license to use them. After you open the DRMZ file using Javelin Reader – and enter your unique authorization code – you can view and print all of the documents inside. The DRMZ file cannot be opened in other PDF readers. 


We have provided 2 ways for you to access the Download webpage, where you can download the DRMZ file onto your computer or tablet. The first opportunity is right after making your purchase online in your shopping cart. A confirmation webpage will open on the device you used to make your online purchase. The webpage has a Download button. By clicking  on the blue Download button, you will begin downloading the file immediately onto your computer (see sample image below). The same confirmation webpage will have your unique 9-character authorization code on it; you can write it down to use later, when you’re ready to open the DRMZ file.







You will also receive an email soon after completing your online purchase. (Be sure to check your Spam folder if you don’t see the email in your Inbox.) The email will be sent to you by "Schema Institute". The email contains your authorization code, and a webpage link with the words "View Purchase Online". If you click on this link, the same shopping cart confirmation page that opened right after completing your order will open again in your browser. You will see the same Download button and authorization code as above.  You can download the DRMZ file onto your computer by clicking on the blue Download button.  


We’ll explain below how to accomplish this on a Windows computer, an iPad, and an Android tablet. However, we will assume that you have downloaded a file from the internet before onto your computer or tablet sometime in the past. If you do not know how to download a file from the internet onto your device at all, there are many tutorials and videos on the internet that will show you how.


Part 2. Download the DRMZ File & Open It On Your Device


Follow the instructions below for the computer or tablet that you plan to use to view and print your inventories and forms.


Windows Computers


Basic Help with Browsers


If you are new to Windows and need basic help downloading and saving a file from the internet, you may find these brief tutorials helpful:


Chrome Browser:


Internet Explorer:




With Windows, the procedure is basically the same whether you download the file from the shopping cart webpage immediately after making your online purchase, or click on the link in the confirmation email you receive from us after you complete your online order. 


1. Either click on the blue Download button on the shopping cart confirmation webpage, immediately after completing your order online; OR wait until you get your confirmation email, and click on the View Purchase Online link. Then click the blue Download button.


Depending on your browser, one of two things will happen. 


2.  a. Your file may begin downloading automatically and will be saved in the default folder used by your browser for downloaded files. (This is typically what happens in the Chrome browser.)  To find the drmz file in your browser, look for a menu, link, or bar in the browser with the name of the file you just downloaded. (For example, in Chrome you’ll see a download bar at the bottom of the browser.) Look for an option to “Open Containing Folder” and click on it. This will open the directory where your file was saved. Write down the path and name of the directory so that you can find the .drmz file in the next step.


    b. If you are using a different browser, such as Internet Explorer, a “Save As” dialogue box may pop up. In the “Save As” window, find the directory on your computer where you want the DRMZ file saved. (Most users choose the Desktop.) Then click the “Save” button. The DRMZ file will now begin downloading, and will be saved to your desktop, or in the directory you just chose.


3. Now you are ready to open the drmz file in Javelin Reader. Look on your desktop or Start Menu for the icon to open Javelin Reader that you installed previously. Click on the Javelin icon and the Reader should open. Click on the File menu at the top left of Javelin Reader; then click “Open”.


4. Another dialogue box will open, with the directories on your computer. Find the directory where you saved the drmz file earlier (or on the Desktop).Click on the file named Schema Therapy Forms 2014.drmz Then click “Open”.


5. You must be online, with an internet connection to your computer, in order to complete this step! Another dialogue box will pop up asking you to enter the file’s authorization code. Your unique code is contained in the email you received. Copy or type your code into the field provided, then click OK. Your file should now open in Javelin Reader, and you can scroll down to see more than 50 pages with all of the inventories and forms you ordered. (Unless you are connected to the internet, the file will NOT open.)


6. If you’d like to print any of the inventories or forms, click “File”, then “Print” – or click on the Printer icon in the toolbar. Enter the page numbers of the form you’d like to print, then click “Print” again.


7. If the future, you can open the file in Javelin Reader anytime on the same computer without having to be online, and you will not have to enter the authorization code again for the same file.


8. If you encounter any problems, click on the link below for detailed documentation on using Javelin with Windows to open a DRMZ file. After clicking on the link, expand the section in the panel on the left side of your screen titled: “Using the Javelin PDF Reader - Windows version”.



iPad and iPad Mini Tablets


The instructions for downloading and opening DRMZ files on iPads are difficult to describe without photos to illustrate the steps involved.


There are two basic methods: one is to download the DRMZ file directly from the Javelin app on the iPad, using the file link in your email. You can then authorize the file from within the Javelin app.


The second method is called “Document Sharing via iTunes”. This procedure involved downloading the DRMZ file onto your PC or Mac (see the instructions above), and then copying the file from your computer to the Javelin app on your iPad by connecting the devices, using the “Dock connector-to-USB” cable.


For details on downloading and opening DRMZ document files on an iPad, please follow the detailed instructions in the special users guide below. The relevant sections are on pages 5-10 and 13-17.   


Apple also provides additional instructions on File Sharing with an iPad on its website:


Remember that it is not possible to print from the iPad version of Javelin.




Android Tablets & Devices


As with the iPad above, the instructions for downloading and opening DRMZ files on an Android tablet are difficult to describe without photos to illustrate the steps involved.


You can download the DRMZ file you purchased directly from the Javelin app on your Android device, using the file link in your email. You can then authorize the file from within the Javelin app.


For details on downloading and opening DRMZ document files on an Android device, please follow the detailed instructions in the special users guide below. The most relevant section is on pages 6 and 7.


Remember that it is not possible to print from the Android version of Javelin.




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