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Javelin Reader Licensing Agreement:

For Windows & Tablet Users Only

Please be sure that you have read and accept all of the terms and restrictions below before purchasing Schema Inventories and Forms online. When you're ready to place an order, please click here.




The licensing agreement (EULA) for each Javelin product that you purchase lists both our obligations to you, and the specific terms and security restrictions that you agree to follow. These security measures serve two purposes: (1) to ensure that we abide by the offical United States rules and regulations for the distribution of secure psychometric instruments in psychology, to the extent possible for an Institute of our size; and (2) to provide copyright protection for the authors, as outlined in the official regulations approved by a joint committee of the major educational and mental health organizations in the United States. 


Licensing Agreement for the "Standard Javelin Reader for 2"


Below is the actual licensing agreement (EULA) that all customers must accept before they can place an order for the "Standard Javelin Reader for 2: Windows and Tablets ". We recommend that you read it carefully to be sure that you are comfortable with our terms.


The licensing agreement for the "Standard Javelin Reader for 3" is almost exactly the same, except that you are permitted to install Javelin on 3 compatible Windows computers, iPads, and Android tablets. However, some of the conditions are different for the "Simple Install" Javelin for Windows version.)



1.  I am purchasing a 1-year license to read and/or print Schema Therapy inventories and materials, using free Javelin Reader apps only, for my own personal or professional use. I understand that all of the schema inventories and materials will be in ENGLISH ONLY!


2.  I understand that the Institute no longer supports or recommends the use of Javelin Reader on any Mac computer. If I try to install Javelin on a Mac, I will not be entitled to any technical support, a replacement authorization code, or any refund, under any circumstances using Javelin for Mac. (See the "General Product Information" and "Product Catalog" pages on our website for more details about problems with Javelin Reader for Mac.)

3.  I have carefully read all sections of the Institute website that relate to the Standard Javelin product I am about to purchase. These webpages include: General Product Information about Javelin Reader; details from the Product Catalog & Options page that describe what is included as part of the Javelin product I am purchasing; the installation instructions for the Standard Javelin Reader and Javelin Schema File; the licensing agreement; compatibility Information, including the use of the inventories over an institutional network using Javelin Reader, and the availability of Javelin Compatibility Tests; what the Institute can and cannot provide me in terms of product support; the Table of Contents; and the Institute's Refund Policy.

     I understand that, by placing an order, I am accepting all of these policies and conditions.
4.  I am authorized to install Javelin Reader and the Javelin Schema File on any 2 compatible Windows computers, iPads, and Android tablets. I understand that the Schema Inventories and materials can ONLY BE PRINTED from compatible Windows computers; it is NOT possible to PRINT them from any iPad or Android tablets. I also understand that I will NOT be able to view or print the schema inventories or materials from any other app or software program, including eReaders or other PDF readers.
     I have read the website pages listed above thoroughly to be certain that my computer(s) and/or tablet(s) -- including the version of the Operating System installed -- are fully compatible with Javelin Reader software. I understand that Javelin Reader and the Javelin Schema File are NOT compatible with Kindle eReaders (except for the Kindle Fire tablet), Kindle apps, Windows RT tablets, or the Apple iBooks app.
5.  I am aware that the Institute recommends that the person who is initially installing the "Standard" Javelin Reader products, including this one, should have an Intermediate Level of computer experience. If I am not at that level myself, the Institute suggests that I find a more experienced friend or colleague to help me with the initial installation(s). I also understand that I will NOT qualify for a refund on the basis that I do not myself have the time or ability to install the Standard Javelin product I am purchasing.
     I am also aware that I have the option of purchasing the "Simple Install" version of Javelin Reader for Windows computers instead -- which includes all of the same Schema Inventories and materials, but can be installed easily by a relatively inexperienced Windows user. I have chosen not to purchase the "Simple Install" version of Javelin for Windows.

6.  I understand that I am only permitted to print a MAXIMUM of 250 TOTAL pages from each Windows computer I install Javelin Reader on (NOT 250 of each page). I cannot print Schema materials from iPad or Android tablets, or from smartphones. I am allowed to make additional photocopies of the pages I print, if I need them for my own professional use.

7.  I will not attempt to open the Javelin Schema File (ending with .drmz) without FIRST reading and following all of the instructions on the Schema Institute website, in the exact order they are listed. I understand that my computers and tablets will NOT be able to recognize or open my Javelin Schema File containing the Schema Inventories and materials, until I have first downloaded and installed the Javelin Reader app on each computer or tablet.     
8.   For Homes and Small-to-Medium-Size Offices, Using Your Own Computer(s) and Tablet(s):  I understand that I must be online (with an open internet connection) for the initial download, installation and authorization of the Javelin Schema File in the Javelin Reader app, on each computer or tablet. Each attempt I make to download or authorize a Javelin file that I ordered from the Institute is tracked by servers to ensure that they are only opened by authorized users. Once I have successfully authorized, opened, and (on Windows computers) printed from the schema inventory file using Javelin Reader on any device, my usage will no longer be tracked on that device, and (except for unusual circumstances) I will no longer be entitled to a refund.
9.  For Large Organizations & Institutional Settings, or for Computers Owned by Institutions:  If I plan to install, view, and print Schema Inventories and materials in an institutional setting like a hospital or university, or on an institutional computer, I understand that the Schema Institute only recommends and supports Adobe eBook products for this purpose.
      I am aware that secure eReader applications like Javelin are often blocked from full internet or network access in institutional settings for security purposes. If this happens with a Javelin product, I will not be able to read or print Schema inventories and materials. (Because the Adobe eBook format is already widely used in academic and hospital settings throughout the world, it is unlikely that installation will be blocked by security restrictions.)
      The Schema Institute cannot be responsible for any difficulties I encounter when trying to install Javelin in institutional settings, resulting from internet restrictions, firewalls, etc. I will not be eligible for technical support or any refund if I try to install any version of Javelin in any institutional setting and am unsuccessful.

10.  All Schema Inventories and materials that I download are intended for use by qualified professionals. I accept full responsibility for keeping the schema inventories and forms under my personal control, and will only use the documents for my own research, writing, clinical work, training, personal growth, or related activities.

11.  Now and in the future, I agree NOT to provide schema inventories, materials, or files in a form that will permit others to make copies for their own use or for distribution to others  -- including other professionals or students.
       I agree that any copies I distribute to others must either be returned to me (e.g., by patients or research subjects); OR I must mark them in such a way that they cannot be copied anonymously by other people (e.g, I can print or write the name of each student or colleague -- or my own name -- in large, prominent letters on each page so that the name cannot be easily erased or overlooked).

12.  I understand that, for security purchases, most of the pages in my Javelin Schema File will contain an extremely small watermark with an encrypted version of my personal Javelin authorization code. I understand that I am not permitted to remove or obscure the watermarks in any way from the pages I print or copy.
      Only the Institute Director will have access to my name and Javelin code, in case printed copies of the inventories are distributed in violation of the terms of this binding agreement.

13. This agreement expressly forbids me from engaging in any of the following actions for any pages in the Javelin Schema File: placing any of the contents from inventories or other materials on the internet in any form, such as web versions; modifying the inventories or other materials in any manner, including the use of shortened versions, or using a subset of the items; retyping or reformatting any portion of the inventories or other materials; translating any portion of the inventories or other materials into another language or dialect; or reproducing any inventories or other materials (in whole or in part) in books, publications, or other media, without the express written permission of the Institute.     

                                                   END OF LICENSING AGREEMENT




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