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Test Your Mac Computer

for Javelin Compatibility Before You Order


Mac Compatibility Testing for Javelin


We do not recommend or support the Mac version of Javelin Reader, nor can we issue any refunds for technical problems. (Click here for a more complete explanation.)


if you plan to purchase a Javelin product for your Mac and are willing to accept these terms, you can greatly minimize the likelihood of any later problems by taking the Javelin Compatibility Test below. Please follow the instructions carefully.


There is a $5 fee to cover our costs in supplying you with the files needed to take the Compatibility Test. (However, we will issue you a credit for $5 in the form of a coupon code. You can use the coupon if you decide to purchase the complete set of Schema Inventories, in either Javelin or Adobe format, within 3 months after receiving the code.)


When you are ready to place an order for the Schema Inventories, please click here.




Remember that your Mac must be running OS X 10.7 or higher in order to use Javelin Reader for our Schema Inventories.


Please follow the instructions below to test whether your Mac is compatible with our secure schema file and Javelin document reader:


If you have never installed an app by downloading a .dmg file from the internet onto your Mac, we strongly recommend that you watch the YouTube tutorial, and read the photo tutorial, before attempting to follow these instructions. You will find links to these websites in Step 8 below.


1. Please be sure to download the latest version of Javelin Reader by clicking on the link below. If possible, upgrade your version of Mac OS X to Mountain Lion or Mavericks for the latest features in Javelin.


Do not install the version of Javelin (JavelinM) available in the Mac Store. This version is out-of-date, and is incompatible with many printers.


     For OS X 10.7, 10.8 or 10.9 Only:


Click on the link below, and your Mac will download a file named “” into your Downloads folder:


Javelin for Mac OS X 10.7, 10.8 & 10.9 only - Latest Version


2.  Once the file has finished downloading, locate the file in your Downloads folder (or “Downloads stack”) in the Dock. (You can also open Finder; click on the Downloads folder in the left panel; then locate the .dmg file in the right panel.)


3.  Double-click on the file in the Downloads folder (in the Dock or in Finder). 


4.  Follow the on-screen instructions to mount the Javelin file.  After you have followed all of the instructions on the screen, Javelin will be installed on your Mac. But you will have to follow a few additional steps before you can run the app.


5.  To find the Javelin app, open Finder. Click on the Applications folder in the left panel. Locate the Javelin icon on the right side of Finder, in your Applications folder.


6.  Add Javelin to the Dock by dragging the Javelin icon from the Applications folder in Finder to the Dock.


7.  To run the Javelin app, click on the Javelin icon in the Dock, as you would to open any other app. 


You may get a warning message from Apple when you try to run Javelin the first time. If you see an option to Open or Continue, click on it. If not, hold the Ctrl key down while you click on the Javelin icon. 


(An alternate method for bypassing this warning is to open the Javelin app in Finder. To use this method instead, open Finder, then locate the Javelin app again in your Applications folder. Hold down the Ctrl key while you click on the icon for the Javelin app. Then choose Open.)


8.  (Optional)  Now that Javelin has been successfully installed, you can uninstall the Javelin installation device. To do this, open Finder. Under Devices in the left panel, you will see Javelin. Click on the Eject button. (Instead, you can drag the “disk image” icon for Javelin from the desktop to the Trash.)


If you have any problems installing Javelin, please click on the links below to watch a YouTube demonstration, and read a photo tutorial, on how to install a .dmg file downloaded from the internet:


9. Now you are ready to order the Javelin Compatibility Test DRMZ file (containing 6 sample schema pages); and your personal authorization code that will allow you to open the DRMZ file.  To begin the ordering procedure, click on the maroon "Add to Cart" button below:





a. A new tab or window will then open with our Javelin Compatibility Test license agreement (EULA). If you are comfortable with the terms and conditions, click "Accept".


b. A shopping cart page will open automatically, with a $5 license for the Javelin Compatibility Test already in the cart.  The Total Due should be $5.00. Please fill out all of the Contact and Credit Card information requested, then submit your order.


c.  Once your credit card is accepted, the "Order Confirmation and Download" page will open.  You will also receive an email from us within a few minutes. The email has a link that you can click on anytime to return to the Download page. It  also contains your unique 9-character authorization code. You will need this code in Step 15 below to authorize and open your Compatibility Test file.

      The Confirmation page will also contain the Coupon Code(s) you can use to obtain a $5 credit that can be applied to any Javelin or eBook purchase of $49 or more.

      If you don’t see the email in your Inbox, be sure to check your Spam folder. If you still haven't received your email within 20 minutes -- or if the email does not contain an authorization code -- please contact us as soon as possible.


10. Now you ready to download the DRMZ file onto your computer. Click on the blue Download button on the Download page in your browser. (You can do this immediately after completing your order online; OR wait until you get your confirmation email, and click on the View Purchase Online link.)


Depending on your browser, one of two things will happen. 


11.  a. With a browser like Chrome, your file will begin downloading automatically and will be saved in the Downloads folder on your computer.


        b. If you are using a different browser, a “Save As” dialogue box may pop up. In the “Save As” window, find the directory on your computer where you want the DRMZ file saved. (Most users choose the Desktop or Downloads folder.) Then click the “Save” button. The DRMZ file will now begin downloading, and will be saved to your desktop, or in the directory you just chose.


        c. Locate the Javelin Compatibility Test 2015.drmz file that you just downloaded to your Mac. (You can look in your browser for a Downloads bar or Downloads list. If you cannot find the file there, look in the Dock or in Finder for the downloaded file.)


        d. Single- or double-click on the Javelin Compatibility Test 2015.drmz file. Javelin Reader should open automatically, and a box should pop up asking you to enter the file’s authorization code.


        e. If you see the file authorization box, SKIP to STEP 15. If Javelin did not open, or you do not see a box to enter your authorization code, continue to Step 12 below instead.


12. If you closed Javelin in Step 6, look in the Dock for the icon to open Javelin Reader that you installed previously. Click on the Javelin icon -- or maximize Javelin -- and the Javelin Reader program should open.


13. Now you are ready to open the drmz file in Javelin Reader. Click on the "File" menu at the top left of Javelin Reader; then click “Open”.


14. Another dialogue box will open, showing all the directories on your computer. Click on the directory where you saved the drmz file earlier (usually on the Desktop or in your Downloads folder). Now click on the file: "Javelin Compatibility Test 2015.drmz". Then click “Open”.


15. You must be online, with an internet connection to your computer, in order to complete this step! Another box will pop up asking you to enter the file’s authorization code. Open the email we sent you, and either copy or type your 9-character code from the email into the field provided in Javelin; then click OK.        


16.  Your file should now open in Javelin Reader, and you can view 6 sample pages from different schema inventories and forms.


If the file does not open, even when you have entered a valid authorization code, you may not have an open internet connection that can access the publisher's server. The most common reason for this is that you are using a computer in an institution that uses a central server that is blocking internet access. Please speak to your Internet/Computer/IT Support Dept. for help, or contact us. 


17. Click “File”, then “Print” – or click on the Printer icon in the toolbar. Enter the page numbers you’d like to print, then click “Print”.


18. If the pages you selected print correctly, then your Mac and printer are probably compatible with Javelin (although this is not a guarantee). Click here to order the Javelin or Adobe versions of the Schema Therapy Inventories whenever you're ready.


19. Since you have already installed Javelin Reader, all you will have to do after purchasing one of the Javelin options online is to download the new drmz file you will receive, containing the complete schema inventories; locate and click on the Schema Inventories drmz file so that it will open in Javelin Reader; and enter the new authorization code you will receive after you finish placing your order. (Note: the authorization code that you received in Step 9 above is only valid for the Javelin Compatibility Test file, not for the full set of inventories.)


20. If the Compatibility Test file with sample pages does not open or print in Javelin Reader, or you encounter some other kind of problem, we recommend that you purchase one of the Adobe eBook options instead.



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