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More about changes we've made ...

Potential Growing Pains...


Because this is the first time we will be distributing schema materials in this way -- and because there are so many technological changes that we have implemented in setting up secure digital downloading -- we anticipate that there may be unforeseen glitches and problems in the first few months of ordering.


We want to assure you that none of the possible glitches will, in anyway, jeopardize the security of your credit card information or personal data; nor will installing this software cause any damage to your PC or Mac. The shopping cart technology and the Reader software have been used for many years, and have been thoroughly tested with thousands of customers, and on all compatible computer platforms, such as Windows and Mac. 


We have done our best to anticipate and avoid potential problems such as these, but we ask your patience during these first few months should you encounter any issues or delays in ordering, downloading, installing, viewing, or printing the schema materials on your computer. We will provide as much technical assistance as we can, given the small size of our staff. 


The Next Steps...


We are hoping that many of you will order the first set of schema inventories and materials soon, since they are now available online.


But, before you order, you are required to read the other sections of this Order Center first, in order to qualify for a refund if our software does not function properly on your computer. Please look through the Table of Contents to be sure the initial set of materials contains the forms you are interested in. Also,we encourage you to read the conditions of purchase carefully, including our refund policy; and to review the security restrictions to be sure you are comfortable with them before you order. You must also read through the Instructions for Installation section, which lists which devices and operating systems are compatible with our secure files.


We hope you will be as pleased as we are with the new ordering and delivery process, even if there is a little startup confusion. Thanks again for your patience.

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