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ADOBE for 6 / Print 2: Share with Colleague

ADOBE for 6 / Print 2: Share with Colleague

PRICE DROP! FOR JUST $10 MORE THAN THE "eBOOK FOR 2", you can install our eBook on 6 compatible Windows or Mac computers, iPads, Android tablets,or smartphones 

SHARE WITH A COLLEAGUE OR ADD OUR EBOOK TO YOUR DESKTOP, LAPTOP, TABLET & SMARTPHONES! This is the only product that we allow 2 colleagues to share, with different Adobe Id's and eBook installation files. Each of you can PRINT inventories on your own Windows or Mac computers. Then share the eBook on any 4 other iPads, Android tablets, large smartphones, laptops, etc.

This product is designed for customers who want to PRINT our eBook on TWO Windows or Mac computers - and VIEW the eBook on 4 more computers, iPads, Android tablets, smartphones, or other compatible devices.

You can print up to 450 pages on one Windows or Mac computer or laptop -- and up to 350 pages on the 2nd computer. You can also make additional photocopies of the inventories. (You cannot print eBooks from tablets.)

Download a secure file containing over 50 pages of schema inventories and materials in English. Includes a 1-year license to view and print schema inventories for your personal or professional use, and an optional colleague.

Install the Adobe eBook on any 6 compatible devices, including: Windows & Mac computers, iPads, most Android tablets, Nooks, smartphones, and many other eBook Readers.
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