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How to Download & Install 

Javelin Reader for Windows & Tablets

Part 1


To read more about Javelin Reader, or to try a "compatibility test" before ordering, click here for our Product Information page.


If you have not yet ordered the inventories, you can place an order at any time by clicking here.


Overview: Using Javelin Reader for Schema Inventories


Important Note: After reading this Overview, please be sure to follow the detailed installation instructions below carefully, so that you will be able to view and print the schema inventories in Javelin Reader. The installation instructions on this page continue onto a second page - Part 2.


Opening the Schema Inventories file you purchased is very similar to opening a PDF file on your computer in a program like Adobe Reader. However, instead of opening a file ending in .pdf, our secure files end in .drmz. Also, instead of using Adobe Reader or some other PDF reader, you will use Javelin Reader to open the DRMZ file. All versions of Javelin Reader are completely free, regardless of which computer or tablet you are using. (Note that you can also purchase the Schema Inventories as an eBook for "Adobe Digital Editions".)



There are 2 basic steps to follow before you can access the contents of your file. The first step is to download and install Javelin Reader on your computer or tablet. The second step is to download our secure DRMZ file containing the Schema Inventories onto your computer or tablet; open our DRMZ file in Javelin Reader; and enter your unique authorization code in Javelin.


Then you can view and print all of the inventories and forms contained in the file on most desktop or laptop computers running Windows. You will also able to view the schema inventories on all versions of the iPad, and on most Android tablets (see details below). However, you cannot print inventories from iPad or Android tablets with Javelin.





As a result of numerous customer complaints about compatibility problems with previous versions of Javelin Reader on Mac computers, we stopped supporting or recommending Javelin Reader for Mac users beginning in the Fall of 2014


The publisher recently released a new version of Javelin Reader in the Mac App Store. This new version is only compatible with Macs running OS X 10.7 or higher. The app is listed as "JavelinM" in the Mac Store.


However, the track record over the years for Javelin Reader for Mac has been very spotty, so we can still cannot support or recommend Javelin for Mac.


Fortunately, we have had very few technical issues with Javelin Reader for Windows computers, iPads, or Android tablets -- and consider them to be very good products. Nevertheless, we still recommend that you purchase Adobe Reader for all computers and tablets (except perhaps for the Simple Install version of Javelin for Windows).



Step 1. How to Download and Install Javelin Reader

for Windows, iPads & Android Tablets


The first step is to download and install Javelin Reader on your Windows computer or tablet. The instructions are different, depending on your device. Javelin can be installed on most Windows desktop and laptop models; all versions of the iPad (as of now); and on most Android tablets and many large-screen Android smartphones, if your Android device can order from the Google Play Store. (For more information about which operating system versions and devices are incompatible with Javelin or “obsolete”, read the sections below that apply to your computer and tablet.)   






The latest version of Javelin Reader (Version 2) is compatible with most versions of Windows (except very old versions of Windows prior to Windows Vista, and some of the cheaper new tablets that run Windows RT). Installing Javelin for Windows is the same as installing most other Windows software that you download from the internet. (For information about Javelin for Windows in other languages, and a link to the publisher's website, see the Troubleshooting section at the end of these instructions.)


For Windows 8 or 8.1 Desktops and Laptops:  Javelin 2 is compatible with any Windows desktop PC or laptop running Windows 8 and 8.1.  (You must run Javelin in desktop mode with a mouse and keyboard; it is not available as a "Modern"/"Metro", touch-enabled app from the Windows Store.) 


For Windows RT Tablets: If you have a Windows 8 or 8.1 tablet, please check the operating system carefully before ordering. Javelin is not compatible with the Windows RT 8 and RT 8.1 tablet operating systems. Therefore Javelin will not run on the Microsoft Surface RT or Surface 2 RT tablets -- but will run on the Surface Pro, Pro 2, or Pro 3


For Windows 8 Pro Tablets: Javelin will run on the Windows Surface Pro, Pro 2, or Pro 3 tablets in Desktop Mode, if you have a keyboard and mouse connected. Javelin Reader is also compatible with other tablets that run Window 8 Pro or Windows 8.1 Pro, with a keyboard and mouse attached.

   The newly-released Javelin Reader for Windows (Version 2) can also be used with Windows' built-in, on-screen keyboard and mouse, if you have a recent model of the Surface Pro running Windows 8.1.

    Javelin Reader does not offer full touch-screen support for any Windows tablets at present.


Javelin for Windows User Guide:  A major update to Javelin for Windows (Version 2) was released in late August 2014. We strongly recommend that all Windows customers click here to download the free PDF version of the Javelin Reader for Windows User Guide (Version 2) to learn how to use all the features available in this new release.


For Users in Institutional Settings:  If you haven't placed your order yet, and plan to install Javelin in an institutional setting over a computer network, we strongly encourage to you to complete the Windows Compatibility Test first, to be sure that your organization's computer network will allow you to download and authorize the files necessary for installing and using Javelin Reader. Please click here to read more about testing for compatibility.


Instructions for Windows


Here are the steps for installing Javelin for Windows.


If you see any warnings that the Javelin file may contain viruses, is not safe, or has not been verified, you should ignore them.  All versions of the Javelin Setup file have been fully tested for viruses and malware, and are safe to install.


1. Begin by clicking on the link below:


 Javelin for Windows (Version 2) - English 


2.  If you're using a Chrome browser, follow the instructions under Step a. below. For Internet Explorer, skip to Step b.


a. In Chrome, the Javelin setup file will begin downloading automatically and will usually be saved in your Downloads folder.


Look for the download bar at the bottom of Chrome, on the left side. You should see a small tab with the name of the file: javelinsetup.exe. Single- or double-click on this small box or tab.


You may see a pop-up box from your antivirus program warning you that the program could contain a virus or may not be safe. Or you may see a pop-up box with wording similar to this: “Open File – Security Warning”.  Ignore any warnings and click "Run", "Install", or Continue.


Skip to instruction #3 below.


b. In Internet Explorer, instead of automatically downloading the Javelin file, you will probably see a long bar near the bottom of your screen (or a pop-up box) asking you: "Do you want to run or save javelinsetup.exe? This type of file could harm your computer."  Ignore the warning, and click on the button that says "Run." You may get another warning that: 'The publisher could not be verified. Are you sure you want to run the program?"  Ignore this warning also, and click on the "Run" button.


Continue to #3 below. 


3. The “Javelin PDF Reader Setup Wizard” should now open. Click “Continue” or "Next" on each screen, then click “Install” or "Finish" on the last screen.  The Wizard will finish installing Javelin Reader, and icons to open Javelin will be added to your Desktop and Start menus. 


Javelin Reader may now open automatically. If it does, you can minimize or close it.


4. You have now completed Part 1 for Windows. Please skip to the next page in this section of the website: " Part 2:  How to Download & Open Your Schema File in Javelin Reader for Windows & Tablets "




iPad and iPad Mini Tablets


As of now,  Javelin Reader can be installed on all models of the iPad and iPad mini, if they are running iOS 5 or later (including recent versions). 


However, it is not possible to print forms or inventories from your iPad.


We highly recommend that iPad users click here to download the free PDF version of the Javelin Reader for iPad User Guide for help learning how to use all of the features. 


Please follow the simple installation instructions below:


1. To download Javelin on your iPad, follow the same steps as you normally would for any new app that you want to install. First, go to the App Store on your iPad (using a data connection, such as Wi-Fi or 4g). Search for "Javelin Reader". Once you've opened the page describing Javelin Reader, click on the Download button, which has the word "Free" on it. 


2. The Javelin Reader app will download and install automatically, and an icon for Javelin will be added to your iPad screen. 


3. Please skip to the next page in this section of the website:

    “ Part 2:  How to Download & Open Your Schema File in Javelin Reader for Windows & Tablets "




Android Tablets & Devices


For Android Versions 4 and higher (except Kindle Fire):


The latest version of Javelin Reader (1.00.55) is available from the Google Play Store by clicking on the link below. This version is compatible with most Android tablets, Note phones, and newer smartphones, running Android 4 or higher (except the Amazon Fire).


Click here to locate Javelin Reader for compatible devices running Android versions 4 & higher:


For Android Versions 2 and 3, and for Kindle Fire tablets:


The previous version of the Javelin app for Android (1.00.054) is compatible with, and intended for, most tablets running Android versions 2 or 3, and for most versions of Kindle Fire tablets. This version is no longer available from the Google Play Store. (Please disregard the error on the Google Play Store page for Javelin Reader: the current Google Play version is NOT compatible with Android 2 or 3.)


To download and install the previous version of Javelin Reader (1.00.054), please click on the link below and follow the installation instructions:


Click here to download Javelin Reader for devices running Android 2 or 3, and for Kindle Fire Tablets:


It is not possible to print forms or inventories from your Android device.


Download Instructions for Most Devices with Android 4 and Higher


1. Be sure that you have an Android tablet or large screen phone that can download apps from the Google Play Store. (These instructions are not applicable to Kindle Fire tablets.)


2. Click on the Google Play Store icon on your screen. Once the Play Store is open, go to the Apps section. Then type "Javelin Reader" in the search box, and click on the magnifying glass. Look for the app with "Javelin PDF" in the photo.


3.  Click on the photo to open the Javelin Reader app page in the Play Store. Then click "Install." Javelin will automatically download and install on your Android tablet (or large screen phone). An icon for Javelin will usually be added to your screen; if not, you can go to the "All Apps" screen to find the Javelin Reader icon.



Please click here to go to Part 2 of the Instructions:


How to Download & Open Your Schema File

in Javelin Reader for Windows & Tablets "




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