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Javelin for Mac

Installation Instructions for Past Customers




As a result of numerous customer complaints about compatibility problems with Javelin Reader on Mac computers, we no longer support or recommend Javelin Reader for our Mac users.


We are keeping this page on our website for the benefit of past Javelin for Mac customers who may need to refer to these Installation Instructions again.


We strongly recommend that Mac customers purchase one of the Adobe eBook products instead.


Our policy is that we will not issue any refunds or offer any technical support to customers who install Schema Inventories on Mac computers using Javelin Reader.


Overview: Using Javelin Reader for Schema Inventories


Important Note: After reading this Overview, please be sure to follow the detailed installation instructions below carefully, so that you will be able to view and print the schema inventories in Javelin Reader on your Mac.


Opening the Schema Inventories file you purchased is very similar to opening a PDF file on your computer in a program like Adobe Reader. However, instead of opening a file ending in .pdf, our secure files end in .drmz. Also, instead of using Adobe Reader or some other PDF reader, you will use Javelin Reader for Mac to open the DRMZ file. (Javelin Reader is a free download.)



There are 2 basic steps to follow before you can access the contents of your file. The first step is to download and install Javelin Reader on your computer or tablet. The second step is to download our secure DRMZ file containing the Schema Inventories onto your computer or tablet; open our DRMZ file in Javelin Reader; and enter your unique authorization code in Javelin.



Part 1: How to Download and Install

Javelin Reader on Your Mac


The first step is to download and install Javelin Reader on your Mac.


Javelin Reader is available for Mac laptop and desktop computers running Mac OS X 10.7 or later. Most Mac models manufactured from 2008 on can be upgraded to Mac OS X 10.7 or higher.


We recommend that Mac users read the publisher's documentation, and view the demonstration video, to learn more about using Javelin Reader for Mac by clicking here.


Instructions for Installing Javelin Reader on Your Mac


        For OS X 10.7 and Higher Only:


a. Go to the Mac App Store.


b. Search for "JavelinM" in the Mac App Store. (A new version was released in March, 2015.)


c. Follow the normal steps to download the Javelin Reader app from the Mac Store onto your Mac.




Basic Help with Mac Browsers

If you are a new Mac user and need basic help downloading and saving a file from the internet, you may find this video tutorial helpful before proceeding to the Instructions:



Instructions for Downloading and Installing the DRMZ File


1. On your Mac, open the email you received from us after placing your order. Click on the link in your email that says “View Purchase Online”.


2. Your original Order Confirmation page will open in Safari (or your default browser). The Confirmation page contains a link to download the file with the Schema Therapy Inventories, and your new authorization code. Please write down your code.


3. Click on the blue Download button. Your Mac will automatically download the file Schema Therapy Forms 2014.drmz into your Downloads folder.


4.   a. Locate the Schema Therapy Forms 2014.drmz file in your Downloads folder. Then single- or double-click on the file. Javelin Reader should open automatically, and a dialogue box should pop up asking for your authorization code. If you see the box for your authorization code, skip to Step 14 below. If not, continue to 12b.


      b. Launch Javelin Reader by clicking on the Javelin icon in the Dock.


5. In the Javelin app, select the "File" menu, and then click “Open”.  A new window will open. Navigate to the Downloads folder. Highlight the file named Schema Therapy Forms 2014.drmz, then click “Open”.


6. You must be online, with an internet connection to your computer, in order to complete this step! A dialogue box will pop up asking you to enter your file authorization code. Your unique code is contained in the email you received. Copy or type your 9-character authorization code into the field provided, then click OK.


7. Your schema file should now open in Javelin Reader; you can scroll down to see more than 50 pages with all of the inventories and forms you ordered. (Unless you are connected to the internet, the file will NOT open.)


8. In Javelin, click “File”, then “Print” – or click on the Printer icon in the toolbar. Enter the page numbers you’d like to print, then click “Print”. The pages you entered should now print correctly.



9. In the future, you can open the schema inventories in Javelin Reader anytime on the same Mac without having to be online, and you will not have to enter the authorization code again for the same file.


10. If you encounter any problems other than printing, click on the link below for detailed documentation on using Javelin with a Mac to open a DRMZ file. After clicking on the link, expand the section in the panel on the left side of your screen titled: “Using the Javelin PDF Reader - Mac OSX “.






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