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FAQ: Placing An Online Order

for Schema Inventories


To place an order, scroll down near the bottom of this page; then click on the Add to Cart button next to the product you want to order.


All products have the identical Schema Inventories and forms included. All of our products are available in ENGLISH ONLY. Click here to see the complete contents of our Adobe eBook.


For detailed descriptions of our Adobe eBook products, you can also place an order by clicking here.


If you are a past customer and your license is expiring or has expired, please contact us for renewal offers:




Which of our product choices is best for you?

Customers are strongly encouraged to read the detailed descriptions of our products before ordering. Click on this link for our Adobe Schema eBook Product Page. You can also order directly from the Product Page, instead of this page.


We have a variety of product options that can sometimes be confusing to choose from. For example, the items you can order from us can be installed on different combinations of computers and tablets; allow you to print a different number of pages; and are priced differently. The product catalog page explains these differences in detail.


How to Add Items to Your Shopping Cart

When you're ready to place an order, click on one of the "Add to Cart" buttons below -- in the same box as the item you want to purchase.  If you want to see the contents of your shopping cart at any time, click on the "View Cart" button below the product listings on this page.


How to Complete Your Order

After you click on one of the "Add to Cart" buttons below, a new page will open, explaining our licensing terms. Once you click “Accept”, our Shopping Cart page will open automatically. The item you clicked on will already have been added to your cart. We accept most major credit cards, and PayPal. For more detailed instructions on how to complete your order, and begin to install the inventories on your computer, please click here.


  • Please be sure that you only click on the "Add to Cart" button ONCE for any item you want to purchase, unless you want to order two of the same item.

  • Do not use the BACK arrow in your browser while ordering.

  • Click "Update Cart" whenever you change quantities or enter a coupon code.


SPECIAL DISCOUNT:  Our top recommendation right now is the first product

below, "Best Value! Adobe Schema eBook for 2".



For just $9 more than the "Adobe eBook for 1", the "Adobe Schema eBook for 2" allows you to add our eBook to a second computer, with an additional 450 pages of printing  OR  to an iPad, iPhone or compatible Android tablet.


To read more about any of the products below,

click on the newspaper photo in the same box,


To add a product to your shopping cart,

click on the Add to Cart button in the same box.






























              Click on the button below to open your Schema eBook Shopping Cart:  













































































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